The Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association-USA (CBA) is one of the largest Chinese American professional associations in the US founded in 1995. CBA is an independent, non-political, and non-profit professional organization headquartered in the Washington DC area. The membership now comprises more than 3,000 biopharma-related professionals from industry, academia, and government.

Over 80 percent of the members hold Ph.D., M.D. and/or J.D. degrees. CBA also has over one hundred Institutional Members. The mission of CBA is to promote communication and collaboration among biopharmaceutical professionals and to promote technology transfer and business collaborations between the United States and China.


Founded in 2002 as a non-profit organization, Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association – Greater Philadelphia (SAPA-GP) is one of the most active and reputable professional organizations in the US and China. SAPA-GP has thrived in the Greater Philadelphia area, one of the major homes for the world pharmaceutical and biotech industries. SAPA-GP fosters professional development of members and the general public with high quality scientific programs, promotes scientific exchange and business cooperation between US and China, and facilitates the advancement of pharmaceutical science and technology.

大费城美中医药开发协会(SAPA-GP)成立于2002年,是一个非赢利,专业社团组织。会员涵盖化学和生物制药产业及其他生命科学和医疗保健等所有领域. 创立十几年来, 已发展成为目前北美最为活跃的华人专业组织之一,并在美国和中国建立起了良好的声誉和受到广泛的尊敬。

美国大费城地区堪称世界药谷,这里汇集了世界最大的十家制药企业中的七家,同时有数以百計的中小型制药和生物技术公司以及众多世界著名生物医药学术研究机构和国际知名大学。SAPA-GP每年都举行与医药和生物技术有关的年会及各种专题讨论会和社会活动,发行自己的会刊,接待中国多方机构和生物/医药访美代表 团,并与中国多方面共同组办国际生物技术和医药研讨会,对中国的医药产业的发展,加强中美之 间在生物/医药领域的交流与合作,起到了很大的推动作用。关于SAPA-GP的详情,欢迎浏览协会主 页:www.sapa-gp.org。

Shanghai Biopharmaceutics Industry Association (SBIA) Established on December 19th 2002, Shanghai Biopharmaceutics Industry Association (SBIA) has currently 205 members in East China which cover the main segments of biopharmaceutical industry ranging from R&D, production to distribution. There are many kinds of member companies of SBIA, covering chemicals, biologics, TCM, medical devices, business and services, with total enterprises scale of more than RMB 350 billion.

SBIA has been one of the first winners of Chinese Social Organization's Highest Honor, and has also been awarded as the "National Advanced Non-governmental Organizations" which was issued by Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2004, as well as "Chinese Social Organization Five A Grade", "Five-star Social Organization of Party Organization" and "Pioneer Workers".

As a social organization, SBIA takes actively social responsibilities and has been organizing “C.C. Tan Life Science Award” which had been approved by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. SBIA also organizes members to do donations to charities and releases regularly the "Social Responsibility Report" to the public.



Global Executive Connections is a research-based, science-evidenced consulting firm, delivering the inventive and specialty events and marketing solutions to meet with and facilitate the growth of biopharmaceutical industry in Asia Pacific.

We translate, formulate and promote the quality-led and value-added conferences, seminars, forums and associated marketing, consulting solutions across the entire value chain of pharma and life science industry from discovery, development to commercialization through deep analysis and observation of the emerging and evolving sciences, development directions and opportunities.



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