Conference Vision

Cancer is a significant public health problem worldwide and one of the most common causes of death in China. There were 4.57 million new cancer cases and 3 million deaths in China in 2020, accounting for 23.7% and 30% of total cases worldwide. The market for immuno-oncology drugs in China has multiplied in recent years. Targeted therapy utilizing small molecule agents or therapeutic monoclonal antibodies has served as a fundamental backbone in precision medicine for cancer treatment. Precision medicine is at the heart of immunotherapy, currently one of the hottest areas of cancer research.

In order for precision medicine to be successful, accurate characterization of the patient is necessary. With the significant advances in cancer genomics using next-generation sequencing technologies, tumor and liquid biopsy genomic profiling and transcriptomic and proteomic interrogation can now all be leveraged to optimize therapy. Furthermore, real-world data, as well as the utilization of machine learning and/or artificial intelligence, may further accelerate knowledge acquisition. However, identifying and characterizing biomarkers that accurately reflect a physiological state (normal or diseased), or response to a particular drug or therapy, has turned out to be challenging. The drug development is also fraught with all kinds of challenges which needs innovation, efficiency and collaboration. 

With industry trends above, 5th Precision Medicine and Immuno-Oncology (PMIO) China Summit 2023 returns on September 7-8 in Shanghai as a premier precision medicine event in China. With the theme on Drug Development in the Era of Precision Medicine, PMIO China 2023 is committed to working with senior leaders and scientists across pharma, biotech and academia to continue driving innovation and advancement in the precision medicine ecosystem in China.

PMIO China 2023 aims to explore the major topics and cases studies on Trends in Innovative Drug Development in China, Small Molecule Drugs for Cancer Immunotherapy, Clinical Trial Design in the era of Precision Medicine, Advances in Liquid Biopsy Validation, ctDNA and Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) in Solid Tumors, Biomarkers and CDx, Multi-Omics Modalities Supporting Clinical Translation, New Drug Development in CNS and Metabolic Disorders , AI in Small-molecule Drug Discovery, Applications of Cryo-EM in Small Molecule Drug Design etc.

Whether working in Oncology, Neuroscience, NASH, Diabetes or cardiovascular diseases, come and join PMIO China 2023 with 800+ Drug Discovery, Clinical Biomarkers, Translational Medicine, Precision Medicine & Companion Diagnostics Directors, Heads and VPs together with biomarker and CDx solution providers, and diverse industry stakeholders. You cannot afford to miss this crucial China’s precision medicine industry event in 2023.


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